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Understanding Mental Illness And Wellness

Did you know that one in five people struggle with some kind of mental illness? Chances are you know someone and can help.

Keeping Your Brain Healthy And In Shape

Your brain, that 3 pounds or so between the ears and above the shoulders, is your best friend by far. So treat it that way.

Make Your Workplace A Mental Health Champion

Workplaces that champion the mental wellness of their employees do far better than workplaces that don’t. Learn how.

Harnessing The Power Of Happiness

They’re all connected, they’re all manageable, and you’re the one in charge. Learn more about what most of us struggle with.


You're Probably Not

But you’re definitely not alone. Studies have shown that most of us are experiencing elevated levels of stress because of Covid. Whether it’s the global disruption, health fears, economic and financial worries, or the complete change in work and school patterns, it’s taking a toll.

But just because these worries exist doesn’t mean you have to be consumed by them. Our Covid Command Center has lots of expert advice, great articles, and helpful tools to help you manage your mind through this crisis.

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Stress is nothing to be ashamed of. Or ignored.

It’s a natural brain reaction and more than 80% of American workers say they deal with it often or constantly.

But you should never ignore it and you can manage and master it.

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“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

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We have always strongly supported all our employees who may be struggling with mental wellness, or who may be supporting family members who are struggling.

We also support the importance of a stigma-free workplace and the need to be understanding and supportive and not judgemental.

And we recognize the incredible value of mental wellness and brain health, as individuals, as a team, and as an organization. We hope you’ll make this invaluable resource a frequent stop and even resting place on your journey.

Dean Krayse, CEO, Specular Partners

Words To Inspire

The Escape Room

Escape the stress, even if just virtually, with soothing and inspiring videos and music.

The Conversation Room

Our anonymous forum is a great way to share, vent, learn, and get support.

The Reading Room

A growing collection of hundreds of articles, videos, and blogs.

The Inspiration Room

Find inspiration and motivation from some of the smartest minds and greatest leaders.

FREE APPS AND TOOLS is constantly looking for powerful and free tools that have been proven to improve mental health, wellness and happiness. Whether it’s a happiness app on your phone, or a free meditation course, we urge to try them on and see how they fit.

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A therapy chatbot on your phone that’s entirely driven by AI. Download Woebot.

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A one-stop resource to help you manage your most powerful mental health ally – your happiness.

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Free Meditation

A free 6-part course that will teach the incredibly powerful and stress healing practice of meditation.

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The free app to help you learn to relax, be mindful, and manage your anxiety.



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